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What do you write?

I write picture book stories about people and animals based on fears and wonders of mine.                                     



What was an exciting art experience you had as a child?

When I was five, my mom took me to a Matisse exhibit with vibrant cut-outs that seemed to be floating above me.  This was also the beginning of my museum adoration.

When did you study art?

I was incredibly fortunate to take classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry-making and weaving throughout my upbringing.  In college, I studied Art History and Children's Literature, and received my BFA in Film & Television from NYU. 

What medium do you use for your illustrations?

I LOVE color.  Mostly I use watercolor and colored pencils.

Which teacher made an impact on you?

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, designed her own board games.  She wrote and directed plays.  When she described pollen and seeds in the air which we couldn't see, she spurred more of my interest in the natural world.

Who do you want your stories to reach?

Of course children.  But also anyone who is reading with a child, regardless of their age.